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Possible consequences of the Brexit.

In 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union in the so-called 'Brexit' referendum. This means that Commonwealth citizens who hold British passports will also lose their EU membership status. As it now stands, Britain will leave the EU on Brexit day, which could be in April 2019, or later. It is also unclear whether a Deal with the rest of the EU regarding future relations will be finalised before the deadline. A No Deal situation is the default outcome if negotiations and political processes continue beyond the deadline. However, for our U.K. students and U.K. staff, the consequences could be great and disruptive to their studies and work at the AUAS. Certain projects and activities may also be affected. Are you wondering if there are consequences for you as an AUAS student or staff member in relation to Brexit? Browse the Brexit Hub for information about various topics related to Brexit and its impact on the AUAS, and you.

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Published by  Communication 15 October 2019