A-Z Students Amsterdam Fashion Institute

This is how these students experienced it

Arzu Hale Tekin, fourth-year International Business student

'I meet students who are just as ambitious and passionate as me. That's a huge benefit of the Honours programme, as far as I'm concerned. When you're working in a project group, everyone is eager to contribute and take responsibility. More introverted students like me also join in, and try to step out of their comfort zones.'

‘More introverted students like me also join in'

Tim Stapersma, fourth-year Human Resource Management (HRM) student

‘The Honours programme is helping me develop my project management skills. You use those skills more often and it teaches you to approach people in new ways. I eventually want to become an HR business partner, in the aviation industry, for example. The management skills and interacting with different people come in handy there.’

You also learn to approach people differently'

Timo Stalenhoef, second-year occupational therapy student

'A huge plus in terms of experience and growth ‘Taking the Honours pathway alongside my regular curriculum has helped me challenge myself, and it's been a huge plus in terms of experience and growth. You can choose to take an Honours Module outside your own faculty For example, our faculty offers ICT students the opportunity to study ICT in healthcare, which some of them do.'

‘Met Honours kan ik mezelf uitdagen en ontwikkelen’

Gepubliceerd door  Communication 8 november 2022