Web lectures

Web lectures are video footage, audio recordings and presentation images of educational activities that can be played and viewed via the internet. Would you like your lectures to be available for viewing online? Digital recordings can be made upon request.

You can request a recording of a lecture by completing this application form:

Request web lecture

Please note: AUAS has a limited number of camera operators available, so be sure to submit your request for a recording in good time.

  • Expert camera operators take care of the recording, basic editing and publishing (hosting) of lectures, knowledge clips and short lectures.
  • Web lectures are published within two working days, after which time the applicant receives a link to the web lecture. The storage period can be chosen when submitting the request.

Custom services

Custom services and other special assignments which do not come under the above rate categories (recording of lecture, short lecture or knowledge clip) are carried out at a rate of €75 per man-hour:

  • additional editing
  • interviews
  • knowledge clips with green screen
  • instructional videos
  • promotional videos
  • video impressions
  • photography

Additional services

The Web Lecture Service offers the following additional services:

  • downloads of presentations
  • podcasts
  • detailed reports
  • recordings of events
  • livestreams
  • creation of own ‘Showcase’ (for examples, see hva.nl/webcolleges)

For further information and questions, please contact the key user of your faculty:

Faculties Functional administrator/Key user Email
Sports and Nutrition (FSN) Calar Mola c.mola@hva.nl
Business and Economics (FBE) Martine Willekes iv.fbe@hva.nl
Health Professions (FG) Boris Debije b.debije@hva.nl
Applied Social Sciences and Law (FASSL) Wilma Kannegieter w.kannegieter@hva.nl
Digital Media and Creative Industries (DMCI) Wensley de Kom w.de.kom@hva.nl
Education (FE) Mieke Willering ict-foo@hva.nl
Technology (FT) Raymond Astudillo rayhva@me.com
Executive Staff and Central Services Central functional administrator: Abdullah Geels webcolleges@hva.nl

  • go to hva.nl/webcolleges
  • log in with your AUAS ID (at the top centre of the screen)
  • select the faculty under ‘Channels’

Rates for web lectures


Price 2023 (incl. BTW)

Recording lecture, AUAS-locations No additional costs
Standard podcast 60 min. in the studio No additional costs
Standard knowledge clip 15 min. in the studio No additional costs
Standard flash college between 15 - 50 min. in the studio No additional costs
Podcast 60 min. at location (custom made) € 240,99
Custom made on location, based on hours of work € 80,33 pp. per hour

Webinars/events in the studio (custom made)

1 hour recording
2 hours recording
3 hours recording
4 hours recording

€ 387,70
€ 580,38
€ 831,10
€ 1.004,60

Webinars/events on location (custom made)

1 hour recording
2 hours recording
3 hours recording
4 hours recording

€ 532,29
€ 689,72
€ 847,16
€ 1.052,79


Camera operator

€ 52,50
€ 80,33 p/hour
€ 80,33 p/hour
€ 40,17 p/0,5 hour
€ 80,33 p/hour

In case of technical issues, please send an email to webcolleges@hva.nl or call +31 (0)20 595 2800.

Published by  Facility Services 9 February 2023