Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Service Points and Customer Service Desks

At AUAS Service Points you can arrange a wide range of matters relating to education, administration and facilities. At Customer Service Desks, among other things, you can ask questions, make comments, report faults and submit complaints. Opening hours may vary.

The AUAS has the following Service Points:

Fraijlemaborg First floor Atrium
Kohnstamm building Room 00A29
Leeuwenburg Next to reception ground floor
Wibaut building  Ground floor

Please note: The Benno Premsela Building, Koetsier Montaigne building and Muller-Lulofs building do not have service desks. Instead, you can visit the Service Points at the Kohnstamm building or Wibaut building.

At a Service Point you can arrange a wide range of matters relating to education, administration and facilities. You can get information about timetables and enrolments, activate your student ID card, get help with setting up Wi-Fi or hand in found items and collect lost items (more information on this page).

The AUAS has the following Customer Service Desks:

Dr. Meurer building Room A1.58
Nicolaes Tulp building Room B.125

You can go to a  Customer Service Desk to arrange a wide range of matters, such as:

  • Activating your AUAS card. You need a credit balance on this card to pay at the snack and drinks vending machines. Take along a valid proof of identity when you want to activate your card.
  • Help with Wi-Fi and changing passwords.
  • Booking classrooms/rooms/communal study areas.
  • Borrowing audio-visual equipment.
  • Issue of service cards and laptops.
  • Receipt and issue of lost property and incoming goods.

The range of available audio-visual equipment and laptops may vary per location or faculty.

Have you lost or found something on the Amstel Campus or in the Leeuwenburg?

  • Hand in found items at the building's reception desk.

Have you lost something in one of the AUAS buildings on the Amstel Campus or in the Leeuwenburg building?

  • Found items will be kept at the reception desk of the building where they have been found until closing time on the day they have been found.
  • The next morning, the item will be transferred to Facility Services and registered on iLost before 13:00.

Go to iLost for the AUAS Amstel Campus (new window) or iLost for the AUAS Leeuwenburg (new window) to see if your item has been found.

You will be able to retrieve the item the same day. For Amstel campus this means you can pick it up at Wibaut building during Service point opening hours, and at the Leeuwenburg you can pick it up during their Service point opening hours. 

Opening hours Service Points and Customer service desks (may vary per location)

Please note: At the moment all AUAS buildings at the Amstel Campus and the Leeuwenburg are on iLost. The other locations will follow. At the Fraijlemaborg found items can be handed in at the reception desk. At the other locations you can go to the Customer Service Desks.

Published by  Facility Services 28 March 2019