Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Topsport Academy Amsterdam

The Topsport Academy Amsterdam (TAA) offers top athletes the opportunity to successfully combine their sports career with an Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) course of their choice.

The TAA is the crucial link between elite sport and education. The TAA makes it possible for top athletes to both receive an AUAS diploma and to be successful at the highest level in their sport.

After receiving the AUAS Topsport Declaration you will receive support and guidance with the combination elite sport and study. You can think of extra study counseling when planning your study and training schedule, the possibility of remote examination, being able to indicate preference for schedules or possibly financial compensation for a study delay incurred by the dual career. Please note, the facilities offered vary per course. The elite sport coordinator of the faculty where you are going to study will inform you about this. For more information, please contact Nina Kee – van Huissteden.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 28 October 2019