Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Elite Sport & Study

Are you an (upcoming) elite athlete and do you also want to follow a degree programme? At the AUAS you can do both.

The Topsport Academy Amsterdam (TAA) supports every AUAS degree programme in organising and implementing the elite sport policy. This means that your degree programme is adapted, in consultation with your programme supervisor and the elite sport supervisor, taking as much account as possible of your training and competition schedules. In principle, this applies to all degree programmes at AUAS. The Topsport Academy Amsterdam is no course but a service.


If you have a National Olympic Committee status, you have an elite sport status. If you do not, or do not know, contact the TAA. In consultation with the foundation Topsport Amsterdam, you will then be assessed to see if you can gain an AUAS elite sport status.

A number of factors will be taken into consideration, such as:

  • current level of sporting ability;
  • training intensity;
  • future prospects;
  • sporting history;
  • your motivation to get the most out of your sport and to combine this with your higher professional education studies.

You can find the definition of an elite athlete in Article two of the AUAS-UvA elite sport document (in Dutch)

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 28 October 2019