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Microsoft Teams

If you are looking for a tool that makes it easy for you to hold online meetings with colleagues, lecturers and students both within and outside the AUAS, then Microsoft Teams is the app for you. Microsoft Teams is a new tool offered by the AUAS to facilitate working from home even more effectively.

At the moment, you can use Microsoft Teams for the following:

  • online meetings with students, lecturers and members of staff both within and outside the AUAS, including screen sharing;
  • chatting with one or more people within the AUAS;
  • making video calls with one or more people within the AUAS;
  • adding contacts from within the AUAS;
  • to work on documents with others remotely at the same time.

Soon, you will also be able to use Microsoft Teams to hold (and attend) presentations, lectures and webinars that can be broadcast to more than 150 people.

Install Microsoft Teams now!

Select your computer type and find the instructions to install and use Microsoft Teams.

Windows computer, including self-managed ICT workspaces

Managed ICT workspace plus computers in the Library and study rooms


Difference between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Microsoft Teams allows you to connect to students and colleagues both within and outside the AUAS. Skype for Business only allows you to chat and hold meetings with students and colleagues within the AUAS. 


Published by  ICT Services 6 April 2020