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Minor outside the AUAS

Would you like to pursue a minor at a different higher education institution or university in the Netherlands or abroad?

Do you want to pursue a minor abroad in September 2020? Then we advise you to wait before booking your trip and arranging accommodation. If the minor is canceled due to the corona virus, these costs will be for your own account.
Also register for a minor in the Netherlands, in case the minor abroad will be canceled due to the corona virus.

Under which circumstances can I pursue a minor at a different institution?

  • If you satisfy the registration criteria of the AUAS
  • If you satisfy the registration criteria of the other institution
  • If your chosen minor is feasible in practice. Often, a minor at a different institution is not (sufficiently) compatible with the AUAS from an organisational or scheduling point of view

Each institution has its own enrolment period(s).

All AUAS programmes have a minor space of 30 EC. You can fill the minor space with one or more minors or minor modules.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) offers several minors which are also open to higher professional education students.

Consult the UvA's website for:

Want to pursue a minor at the UvA?

  • You must contact the UvA about the possibilities

  • Meet the registration requirements of the HvA.

Pursuing a minor via Kiesopmaat.nl

Kies op Maat is an online platform which allows all higher education students in the Netherlands to view and select minors organised by the other participating institutions.

Would you like to pursue a minor via Kies op Maat?

  • The student registration period may be earlier or later than at the AUAS
  • Are you a part-time student wishing to pursue a full-time minor? Remember that in some cases you will need to pay the host institution the difference between the part-time and full-time tuition fee yourself. Ask the host institution about its conditions in advance
  • Register for a minor via Kies op Maat and download the learning agreement;
  • Satisfy the registration criteria of the AUAS
  • Send the signed learning agreement to the institution which is hosting the minor
  • Follow the instructions issued by the other institution.
  • You must be enrolled at the AUAS (first enrolment) during the minor period

See the overview of instititions participating in Kies op Maat.

Further information about minors which are offered throughout the country can be found on the Kies op Maat website.


Want to pursue a minor which is not on Kies op Maat?

If you cannot find a suitable minor on the Kies op Maat website, you can look for another minor which is offered by a Dutch higher education institution or university.

Please note:

  • Different procedures apply to those found on Kies op Maat; ask the host institution about the procedure
  • You must pay the costs of the minor yourself, so ask the host institution about the costs in advance
  • In addition to your registration with the host institute, it is also advisable to remain registered with the AUAS. Deregistration from the minor semester can have consequences for your study grant and student public transport card if you do not qualify for a study grant through your application at the host institute. You can inquire about this at the host institution. Also, it is often not possible at the AUAS to enrol prematurely if you wish to continue your study programme at the AUAS in the second half of the academic year. Please, inquire before you make your choice.

It is also possible to pursue a minor abroad. The International Offices of the faculties have their own exchange programmes and collaborative ventures with various foreign higher education institutions and internship institutions.

Please note: foreign minors often have different enrolment periods. In connection with the application deadlines of the partner institutions, in most cases this period will already end in the first month of the semester. You can ask the International Office of your study programme for the exact dates.

Do you have any questions about studying abroad? Contact the International Office of your study programme.

Practical Matters: 

From a legal point of view, it is fine for you to enrol in four study programmes at the same time in each academic year via Studielink, as long as you satisfy the requirements of the programme, of course. As well as enrolling at the AUAS (which must be your first enrolment!), you can therefore also register at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (for example) in order to participate in a minor there. There is no need to terminate enrolment at the AUAS.
Please note: you only need to enrol at a different institution if this institution requires you to do so.

You are a student of:

Faculty of Health:

Please take the obtained certificate and a copy to the secretary’s office of the examination board (NTH B1.03) during opening hours (Tuesday till Thursday 10.30 - 12.00 o’clock and 14.30 – 16.00 o’clock). (Friday from 10.30-12.00 o’clock) They will make sure your results will be registered in SIS.

Faculty of Social Work and Law:

Send a copy of the list of marks or certificate to the examination board of your study programme.

Faculty of Business and Economics:

You can register your external minor in SIS at the result administration of your degree programme. Take the following documents with you: the list of marks and/or certificate(s) signed and stamped by the other institution (original).

Faculty of Education

Please take the obtained certified grade list / certificate to the examination board. They will make a copy for your file. The examination board takes care of registration of your results in SIS.

Another faculty: 

You can ask the academic records department of your study programme to enter your minor in SIS. Take the following documents with you:

  • The permission form or learning agreement from Kies op Maat, signed by the examination board of your study programme;
  • The list of marks or certificate which has been signed and stamped by the other institution.

When you have successfully finished your external minor, you receive a certified copy of your study results from the other institution.

Published by  Student Affairs 24 March 2020