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Registration criteria for a minor

Would you like to register for a minor? You can only do so if you satisfy the conditions.


At the start of the minor:

  • You must be a third or fourth-year student
  • You must have completed the first year of the degree programme or be exempt from this requirement
  • You must have attained at least 40 credits 1 in the main phase (or for the 3-year programme for pre-university (VWO) students at least 30 credits must have been attained in the main phase)
  • You must satisfy the admission requirements or supplementary conditions which are stated under "Admission Criteria" in the description of the minor
  • You need the permission of your study programme's examination board.

( 1 for some study programmes you must have attained a different number of credits. Check the OER of your study programma for the correct number of credits).

When do I automatically have permission?

In the description of the minor or on DWLO/mijnHvA, consult the admission matrix for your faculty/study programme.
This will show the minors which you are automatically permitted to pursue. Please note: not all study programmes have an admission matrix.

Are you a student of a Programme at the Faculty Business and Economy? Check the admission matrix of FBE.

How can I ask for written permission?

If you do not automatically have permission, you can ask your study programme's examination board for written permission. Are you a student of a study programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics? Ask permission via the Digital Service Point. Are you a student of a study programme at another faculty? Follow the steps below:

  • Download the permission form
  • Consult your faculty/study programme's DLWO for the contact details of your study programme's examination board
  • Send the permission form and the other documents to the examination board.
    If you wish to pursue a minor outside the AUAS via Kies op Maat, you must also send the learning agreement
  • Obtain permission before the enrolment period for the minor comes to an end; you will need to take a processing time of six weeks into account.

Please note! Even if you have permission from your own examination board, the minor provider, both within and outside the HvA, can still refuse you if you do not meet the credit requirements and admission requirements with respect to the content of the minor. The verification of these requirements will take place before or at the start of the minor.

  • You can only register or deregister during the registration period
  • If you have not yet received the permission of the examination board, you should already enrol to avoid missing the enrolment period
  • If the examination board does not permit you to pursue a particular minor, simply terminate enrolment
  • Take note of the supplementary procedures and particulars which apply to your study programme or faculty
  • A minor requires a minimum number of enrolments in order to go ahead. After the enrolment period comes to an end, the department will decide whether or not the minor will go ahead. If the minor does not go ahead, you will be given the opportunity to enrol in a different minor.

Published by  Student Affairs 24 March 2020