Student Counsellor

A student counsellor can offer information, advice and guidance to assist you with your academic career or personal circumstances. The student counsellor will sit down with you to identify possible solutions and actions to improve your personal performance and academic progress.

Confidential interview

Occasionally, you may run into problems and get stuck – whether in your personal life or in your studies. It's good to know you can discuss any problems with a student counsellor.

Special provisions and facilities

A student counsellor can help you apply for special provisions and facilities. For example, relating to exams, student grants and loans, or in the event of a probable negative binding study advice.

Act in time!

If you're having problems, it's crucial to take action in time. During a first meeting with a student counsellor, we make an inventory of your question or problem, discuss it and make a follow-up appointment if more time is needed. Click on the contact information button below to see the consultation hours for your study location.

Dyslexia and additional time on tests / larger exam forms

Submit as soon as possible an application through the Digital Service Point . More information on A-Z Studying with a disability.

Published by  Student Affairs 1 June 2023