We are the athletes commission!

Elite athletes at AUAS, we are here for you! We are (former) elite athletes and form an independent advisory committee within the Topsport Academy Amsterdam.

About the athletes commission

We are here to make the students’ voice heard on behalf of all elite sport students at AUAS. As current or retired athletes, we know from experience what is important. That is how we make the difference for you. We act as an independent advisory committee within the TAA, quality guardian of support aspects and agreements, lobbyist for better conditions, ambassador for elite sports & education and we identify opportunities and threats. Our central objective is to improve the elite sport policy within AUAS from the point of view and the interests of the special professional group that elite athletes form. News and standpoints will be made public via email to elite athletes and athlete representatives, social media and on this website.

The TAA athletes commission is an independent committee that voluntarily dedicates itself to the implementation and expansion of elite sport and educational support in the interest of elite athletes in the Netherlands. We form the link between the athletes on the one hand and the education and policy makers of the TAA on the other. We do this by being a discussion partner within the TAA and by advising organisations that have an influence on the elite sport policy within AUAS. In this way we strive for an optimal elite sport-friendly policy and the best conditions for elite sport students.

In elite sport, everything revolves around the athletes, we understand that. But it is just as important that you are able do something else after and during your elite sports career or in case you get injured. Cognitive development leads to a higher level of performance on the field and ensures smarter athletes, distraction and the ability to put things into perspective. How great is it that you can choose any study program you want within AUAS and that a combination of elite sport with your studies is possible? Our vision is that every elite athlete can successfully follow the AUAS study programme of their choice and can combine this with a successful sports career.

1. Optimal support services for elite athletes

The combination of elite sport and education is not easy which is why need the best support services. As an athletes commission, we are committed to ensuring this by contributing to the elite sport policy within AUAS.

2. More involvement of elite athletes

As an elite athlete and student you know what you need to perform optimally. That is why elite athletes should play a central role in drawing up and implementing elite sport policy. We involve these athletes within AUAS in drawing up and disseminating the elite sport policy.

3. Integrity and transparency in student counseling

Do what you say and say what you do: integrity is essential in elite sport and in education. That is why we aim to ensure compliance with the agreements that were reached between various parties involved with regard to the elite sport policy.

4. Pride and example for other target groups

AUAS is and will remain the elite sport-friendly university of applied sciences in the Netherlands and Europe. We as the athletes commission contribute to ensuring that this remains the case and radiate pride of this fact. We aim to create a shared pride among students and staff and will act as an example target group for all special target groups and indirectly for all AUAS students.

5. Visibility of athlete representation

Staying in touch with supportive stakeholders is of highest importance to us. Their opinion and vision is essential for us as an athletes commission to be able to properly fill our position. Besides, we also act as an ambassador for the AUAS group of elite athletes.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 3 July 2023