Exit monitor

Not every AUAS student completes the degree programme they started with. Why is that? And can we prevent students from dropping out early? If so, how? That is what we are aiming to find out with the Exit Monitor.

In the Exit Monitor, we ask students who have quit their degree programme prematurely for the reason behind that decision. Did they choose the wrong degree programme? Was the decision related to the content or organisation of the programme, or did they quit due to personal reasons? We also ask whether they talked to someone at AUAS regarding their decision and what they plan to do after completing their education.

Answers, and then what?

If a sufficient number of students complete the Exit Monitor, degree programme departments and faculties can use that information in order to improve their teaching. Reasons for dropping out may, for instance, incite a review of anything from certain course components, or even the degree programme itself and the cohesion of the various courses and components, to perhaps a review of student supervision in the hopes of preventing student drop-out, for the sake of both students and the degree programmes themselves.

Completing the Exit Monitor

There are two ways in which you can be invited to complete the Exit Monitor if you drop out of your degree programme prematurely. If you terminate your enrolment through Studielink, you can complete a short Studielink questionnaire right away. If you do not terminate your enrolment, but also do not submit a request for re-enrolment, you will receive an email regarding the Exit Monitor no later than the November after your having quit.

Quality of our education

The AUAS aims for students (and alumni) to be satisfied with the quality of their education, to complete it within a set timeframe and to quickly attain a position in the labour market that suits them. We assess the quality of our education based on three components: student satisfaction, study success (including drop-out rates) and labour-market preparedness of alumni. This information provides us with an insight into the current state of affairs as well as starting points for improving our education.


Please contact the quality assurance officer for your degree programme or faculty, or send an email to the Institutional Research department. They will be happy to answer your questions.

Published by  Institutional Research 16 December 2019