Gain insight into your labour-market prospects through the experiences of students who have completed your degree programme.

How long did it take alumni from your programme to find a suitable job? And how do they look back on their studies? The HBO-Monitor investigates these questions and more.

The HBO-Monitor is the annual nationwide study which measures the labour-market preparedness of alumni. At AUAS we use the results of the HBO-Monitor to further improve our education. That's why it is important to us that a sufficient number of our alumni complete this survey.

What might your future look like?

Have previous graduates of your degree programme been able to quickly find a suitable job? And what kind of salary are they earning? You can see for yourself in this factsheet (Dutch).

Are you graduating this year?

Approximately 18 months after earning your degree, you will receive an email inviting you to complete the HBO-Monitor. In this online survey, you can share your opinion of your degree programme, the extent to which you have been effectively prepared for the labour market and whether or not you have found a suitable job. We ask that you complete the survey truthfully, as this will make it possible for AUAS to apply the results by planning improvements to your degree programme. In other words, by filling in the HBO-Monitor you are helping to improve the programme for all future students!


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Published by  Institutional Research 11 April 2022