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National Student Survey (NSE)

How would you grade your degree programme? How do you feel about your course timetable, curricular content and lecturers? The National Student Survey delves into these questions and many more.

  • Improve the quality of your education
    Only with your feedback on what you are satisfied with and what could be better can we make further improvements to the quality of our education. In recent years, this has led to measures such as the creation of more study places, a platform for students with disabilities and ongoing efforts to improve timetabling, to name a few.
  • Help prospective students By completing the questionnaire, you can help prospective students choose the right programme for them. Our future students are keen to hear about other students’ experiences.
  • Win various prizes, including a travel voucher worth €2,000.

The National Student Survey (NSE) 2020 is cancelled

Minister Van Engelshoven (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science), the umbrella organisations and the student unions collectively decided on Thursday 19 March that the NSE 2020 will not go ahead.


Educational institutions are currently focusing all their energy on organising education in the best possible way. Conducting the NSE demands too much additional work. The NSE is also unlikely to produce valid results, considering the exceptional circumstances we’re facing due to the coronavirus.

Why do we participate in the NSE?

Last year there were too many problems with the NSE. As a result, the data was unreliable and the universities of applied sciences decided not to cooperate further with the NSE 2019. This year (2020) we will participate again. This will enable prospective students to compare universities of applied sciences with each other again and the universities will again receive input for quality improvements. Read more about this on MyAUAS. The NSE 2020 is cancelled due to the corona crisis.

More information

The National Student Survey is conducted by Studiekeuze123.
If you have questions about the survey at AUAS, send an email to Puck Wijker.

Published by  Institutional Research 25 March 2020