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Maths consultation

What are sine, cosine and radians again? How do you calculate the zero of a second-degree function or a logarithm? Do you make mistakes calculating fractions? Or do you find other aspects of calculus, mathematics or statistics particularly difficult?

AUAS Student Affairs offers students individual help with aspects of calculus, mathematics and statistics that are part of the presumed prior knowledge or basic mathematics propaedeutic year. During the consultation you can seek the advice of a Mathematics lecturer. You can go through your exam feedback together, for example, or discuss aspects you find hard. 

To register for the maths consultation, please fill in the form and note the type of maths problem you would like help with.

Once you have registered, AUAS Student Affairs will contact you to make an appointment. Participation is free of charge.

Enrolment form maths consultation

Published by  Student Affairs 9 August 2018