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FH smoke-free

From October 1st 2019 the grounds around the Faculty of Health and Amsterdam UMC-location AMC will be completely smoke-free.


By making the campus smoke-free, the Faculty of Health is preparing for the General Measure of Governance concerning smoke-free school sites, which is currently being drawn up by the Ministry of Public Health (VWS). This General Measure of Governance for smoke-free school sites will come into force on 1 August 2020. This means that all school sites (from primary school to Higher Professional Education/University) must be completely smoke-free. In close collaboration with the Amsterdam UMC – location AMC our faculty will be anticipating to this law in an early stage.


  • Aks your general practitioner (huisarts) for help.
  • Sign up for a 'giving up smoking' programme for example from stifuma, wequit or smokefree. Your health care insurance can provide a list of providers where you are entitled to reimbursement.
  • Visit Jellinek.nl for advice and advantages of stopping smoking.

Where ?

The smoke-free area will reach from the Faculty of Health’s parking area to the main entrance of the Amsterdam UMC – location AMC (over the bridge from metro Holendrecht). All smoking facilities and ashtrays will be removed from the premises. The non-smoking area will be marked by signs and smoke-stewards will assist to indicate where smoking is allowed.


If you have a comment or a question, please contact us by sending an email to fg-rookvrij@hva.nl.

Published by  Faculty of Health 23 September 2019