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Conditions and direct debits

If you authorise the AUAS to debit payments from your bank account, you must agree with the terms and conditions that apply to such an authorisation.

You must ensure your bank balance is sufficient to cover the payment and your account is not blocked for direct debits.

General conditions tuition fees (pdf)

If you pay in one instalment the debit date is 27 September 2021.

Direct debit dates 2021 - 2022

27-09-21 25-10-21 25-11-21 23-12-21 26-01-22
25-02-22 25-03-22 26-04-22 25-05-22 27-06-22

How do I change the bank account number for direct debits?

You can update your details via the Digital Service Point (log in using your AUAS ID).

Can I still change the number of instalments after confirming my direct debit authorisation?

After having confirmed the direct debit authorisation, you can change the number of instalments from one to ten or from ten instalments to one (September admissions). You can only change the number of instalments before the first direct debit is effected, and only via the Digital Service Point . You will need your AUAS log-in details to do so.

Questions about direct debit?

You can direct any questions to the Digital Service Point or contact the Service Desk of the Administration Centre on +31 (0)20 595 1401.

Published by  Administration Centre 30 July 2021