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Coronavirus information

How is the AUAS dealing with the coronavirus?

The coronavirus continues to have a big impact on the AUAS and how we study, research and work. On this page you will find the most important general information and links to thematic pages that help to support students and staff.


The Dutch government announced the further relaxation of some measures which affect higher education on Tuesday evening, in addition to the recently relaxed measures which permit on-campus education. The face mask rule has been changed: a mask is no longer mandatory if you are seated and can stay 1.5 metres away from others.

The current quarantine rules will also be relaxed. Students under 18, who have no corona-related symptoms themselves, no longer have to quarantine after coming into close contact with someone infected with the coronavirus. This rule also applies to people who have received their booster vaccine at least a week prior to the interaction with an infected person. Please refer to the government website for the latest quarantine information.

The government expects infection rates to most likely rise in the coming weeks. As a result, there is a good chance that many people will have to go into quarantine. It is very important that everyone adheres to the basic corona rules to prevent infection. Take a self-test before coming to campus. The self-tests are still available at AUAS building entrances and via zelftestonderwijs. It is advisable to take a test twice a week, prior to coming to campus. We urge everyone to act responsibly and to be considerate of others in the interest of everyone’s health and safety.

To conclude, the government’s advice concerning working from home is: ‘Work from home. Only go to work when you have to.’ These government-mandated measures will remain in force for the next six weeks and will be reviewed at the three-week point.

For employees

Digital Education

At digitaalonderwijs.mijnhva.nl/en lecturers can access useful instructions for offering education at a distance, such as online courses and activities to help them achieve learning objectives. This will help to give more didactic depth to online education.

Working from home

This site has everything you need to know to work from home as pleasantly as possible during this unprecedented time, such as how to work safely online, ways to keep in touch with colleagues, as well as tips for staying fit physically and mentally.

Published by  Communication 26 January 2022