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Request a tuition fee payment plan

If you miss a tuition fee instalment you will receive an email within 20 days containing an iDEAL link through which you can pay the outstanding amount. Should you be unable to pay the amount, or if you missed more than one instalment you can request a tuition fee payment plan.

This can be done using the financial matters form.

Please keep in mind that the following conditions apply:

  • The regular direct debit payments will continue.
  • You will arrange for payment on the agreed days, either by direct debit or by a bank transfer.
  • If we do not receive a timely payment, the payment plan will become invalid.
  • Your outstanding amount has to be paid in full in the month of June.
  • You cannot have any outstanding amounts with our collection agency.
  • You cannot have more than one payment plan.
  • If you fail to honour your payment plan agreements you won’t be able to log in. It may have consequences for your enrolment.
  • In order to re-enrol, your outstanding amount has to be paid in full.
Published by  Administration Centre 28 June 2022