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Confidential advisers

Meet the confidential advisers for employees.

As an employee, if you are confronted with undesirable conduct in the workplace, you can contact a confidential adviser to ask a question or report a complaint. This could be related to, for example, sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination or aggressive behaviour. They will listen to you and advise you on the best course of action. These conversations are informal and strictly confidential. The confidential advisers play an important role, by helping to create an atmosphere of a safe place for working and studying, where everyone feels welcome.


Please note the various departments and faculties that each person represents:

Francis van Hekelen

T: 06 2115 8339

Faculty of Education

Staff and Service Departments (except Student Affairs)

Sietske Bijman

T: 06-21156808

Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

Natasja van Schaik

T: 06-21157107

Faculty of Sports and Nutrition

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Business and Economics (until August 2023 with B. Scholten)

Bas Scholten

T: 0628815716

Faculty of Business and Economics

Annett Huijbregts

T: 0621157129

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law

Student Affairs

M. Stamatiou

T: 0620501595

External confidential adviser of all Faculties and Staff and Service Departments AUAS

Confidential advisers are also available for students.

Published by  HR 31 January 2023