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Coronavirus information

How is the AUAS dealing with the coronavirus?

On 23 March, the last coronavirus measures were abolished. The restrictive measures are no longer in force.

Update 17 February: hardly any corona restrictions anymore

During the press conference on 15 February, the Dutch government announced that the coronavirus measures will be relaxed, in three phases. The impact on AUAS is that the advice to work primarily from home has changed, effective immediately, and that the maximum group size will change on 18 February. Starting on 25 February it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks in AUAS buildings. The basic coronavirus rules should still be adhered to.

It means a lot of all of us that the restrictions are being lifted. The past two years have been very demanding. We have much respect for the way our students and staff have dealt with the many changes that corona brought about. We hope that the scrapping of restrictions will have a positive impact on the study and work enjoyment of everyone at AUAS. We realise that this easing is happening while corona infections are still ongoing in society. This calls for a certain degree of flexibility from all of us. Please be considerate of one another and keep an eye on each other. The AUAS offers a range of initiatives and support services to help everyone get through this period.

What will change this week?

As of 18 February, the maximum group size of 75 people will no longer apply. This means that large-scale lectures and meetings are allowed on campus again. We want to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as possible. The timetables for the current block are already finalised – our degree progammes will look into how they can adapt to the new situation. We learned a lot of lessons during the corona period and want these to be integrated in our educational programmes. Blended education is the starting point and that demands tailor-made solutions. The degree programmes will consult with the degree programme committees to see what is feasible and suitable.

Working from home

It is possible, effective immediately, to work on campus more often. It is advised to work at AUAS for max 50 percent of the time. This change means that we need to find out how we can work together in the best possible way. You can do this by making agreements with your team and supervisor about when you will be in the office, to ensure good cooperation.

Events and open days

Starting on 18 February it is permitted to organise in-person events with a maximum capacity of 500 people. We are currently updating the AUAS event protocol to reflect the new rules and this will be included in the corona FAQ very soon.


The quarantine rules will be relaxed. If you are infected your quarantine may end after five days, if you no longer have symptoms. Refer to the government website for an overview of the current quarantine regulations.

What will change on 25 February?

Starting on 25 February, face masks are no longer mandatory in AUAS buildings. While this is a relief for some people, it worries others. Feel free to keep wearing a face mask if you would like to. At the AUAS we give each other the freedom to make this decision and respect one another. Face masks are still mandatory in public transport, when commuting to AUAS for example. Face masks are still mandatory in AUAS buildings until the end of the day on Thursday 24 February.

Social distancing

The 1.5 metre social distancing measure will end on 25 February. If you feel more comfortable keeping some distance from others you can continue to do so. We are looking into how we can facilitate this.

Basic rules

To conclude, the basic corona rules still apply. Stay at home if you have corona-related health complaints, wash your hands, cough into your elbow, and keep rooms well ventilated. Take a test if you have symptoms. You can order free self-tests until June via zelftestonderwijs.nl.

For employees

Digital Education

At digitaalonderwijs.mijnhva.nl/en lecturers can access useful instructions for offering education at a distance, such as online courses and activities to help them achieve learning objectives. This will help to give more didactic depth to online education.

Working from home

This site has everything you need to know to work from home as pleasantly as possible during this unprecedented time, such as how to work safely online, ways to keep in touch with colleagues, as well as tips for staying fit physically and mentally.

Published by  Communication 26 January 2023