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Coronavirus information

How is the AUAS dealing with the coronavirus?

The coronavirus has majorly impacted the AUAS and how we study, research and work. On this page you will find the most important general information and links to thematic pages that help to support students and staff.

In addition to the special corona site where you can access specific updates about the crisis, there are also thematic pages that aim to support employees and students during this time.

For students

Remote learning (for current students)

At amsterdamuas.com/remotelearning, students can access tips on the virtual learning environment, courses, exams, internships and more. It’s also the place to find tips on how to improve one’s health and boost productivity.

Study at the AUAS or at home?

Check the decision tree (pdf)

For employees

Digital Education (for lecturers)

At digitaalonderwijs.mijnhva.nl/en lecturers can access useful instructions for offering education at a distance, such as online courses and activities to help them achieve learning objectives. This will help to give more didactic depth to online education.

Working from home (for employees)

This site has everything you need to know to work from home as pleasantly as possible during this unprecedented time, such as how to work safely online, ways to keep in touch with colleagues, as well as tips for staying fit physically and mentally.

Work at the AUAS or at home?

Check the decision tree (pdf)

Published by  Communication 10 December 2020