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Audio and video

Audio-visual services

At the AUAS you can borrow audio-visual equipment and request advice relating to, for example, digital recordings and events. In addition, a number of lecture rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment as standard.

Basic AV resources

  • beamer
  • presenter / laserpointer
  • SD camera and tripod;
  • adapters (various);
  • extension lead;
  • voice recorder.

Advanced AV resources

  • audio (source) speakers and connectors;
  • audio (speech) wireless microphone, pin or hand-held;
  • audio (speech) speaker and corded microphone;
  • hand-held wireless microphones;
  • wireless lapel/lavelier microphones;
  • wired microphone;
  • microphone stand (standing and desk-top);
  • adapters (various);
  • beamer
  • projection sreen
  • mobile LCD screens;
  • speaker sets for laptops;
  • DVD/CD player;
  • reel/extension lead.

On the Amstel Campus, the wireless microphones (pin and hand-held) for the lecture halls are available via the reception desks at the location in question.

You can request individual AV resources using the forms below, via the Service Desk and Service points/Customer service desks on-site. Please be sure to use or buy your own SD (memory) card when you want to lend SD cameras.

Submit requests on time

Please submit requests at least 5 working days in advance to ensure you will have the AV resources you need on time.

Hiring equipment for events

Requests for hiring for events should be done through Events Coordination (facility support). Requests for events must be submitted at least 10 working days in advance.

Additional services can be requested via the Service Desk or at the Service points/Customer service desks on-site. For individual AV resources, you will receive the rental price when making a request.

Please find below the request forms per AUAS building or campus.

  • AV resources may only be used for the AUAS.
  • Individual AV resources may only be used at the location or campus where you borrowed the resources. Any deviations from this agreement must always take place in consultation.
  • General conditions for hiring individual AV resources (in Dutch, PDF, 1p.)

In the event of malfunctioning or fault, please contact the Service Desk immediately via servicedesk-fs@hva.nl or 020 595 1403.

Support will be provided as soon as possible. The aim is to solve problems within 15 minutes.

13 April 2021