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Exchange (Outgoing)

Want to go on exchange during your AUAS bachelor or master? Want to broaden your horizons and get acquainted with different cultures? It might be possible that you need to undergo an immigration procedure.


Depending on your nationality and the country where you will study during your exchange programme an immigration procedure might be required. Therefore it is important to check whether you need start an immigration procedure and which steps you need to take to not risk facing any surprises. You are in charge of arranging your own residence permit. In some cases the university of your host institute can assist you. In other cases you need to arrange it yourself at the ministry of foreign affairs or embassy of that particular country.


We understand you might have some questions about whether you need to start an immigration procedure and which steps you need to take. The International Office of your AUAS faculty is more than happy to assist you! They have a lot of experience with outgoing students and the required procedures you need to follow in order to receive a residence permit, if necessary.

For contact details of the International Office of your AUAS Faculty please click here.

Published by  Student Affairs 23 April 2021