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Extend residence permit

Is your current residence permit almost expired and are you not finished with your studies yet? Then you need to extend your residence permit.


If your residence permit is almost expired and you are not finished with your studies yet, you need to extend your residence permit. It’s your own responsibility to start the application process in time. If you do not extent your residence permit in time, you will reside illegally in the Netherlands. This might have severe consequences for your ability to stay in the Netherlands. Only AUAS Immigration Affairs can extend your residence permit on your behalf. You cannot do this yourself directly with the IND!


You need to contact AUAS Immigration Affairs when there are less than three months left on your residence permit card. You cannot extend your residence permit earlier than three months prior to the expiry date. Usually you will receive a reminder letter from the IND or you can check this yourself by looking up the expiry date on your residence permit card. To avoid a residence gap, the deadline for submitting your application to extend your residence permit card is one month before your residence permit expires. A residence gap means that the validity of your residence permit is not continuous, which could have influence on further residence permit applications in the future.


First of all, it is important that you are properly enrolled at AUAS. For more information visit the enrollment page.

After contacting AUAS Immigration Affairs you will receive the extension procedure e-mail. In this e-mail we will inform you about the documents and payments you need to hand in. However, you can prepare yourself in advance in three ways:

  1. See an overview of your immigration procedure
  2. Check the costs page
  3. Check the proof of financial means page

If you cannot fulfil these (financial) requirements, we cannot extend your residence permit.


If your residence permit is expired, but you are in procedure of receiving a new one, you are not residing illegally in the Netherlands. However, traveling will be more complicated. You might need a return visa to travel and return to the Netherlands. More information can be found here.


Please see the contact details of AUAS Immigration Affairs here.

Published by  Student Affairs 19 April 2021