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Collect your key for AUAS housing

Arranged housing through the AUAS? Our housing partners will personally welcome you in your new home.

Rental contracts will start on Friday August 19th 2022. From this day on, you can collect your key and move in. Some housing partners will offer a room key pick up service (with assigned time slots to avoid queus) directly at your new address on August 19th and the week after. Other housing providers hand out the room keys near a location of your new address. Check with your own housing provider for details.

Please note:

  • You must collect your room key in person. This cannot be done by someone else.
  • Housing providers will ask you to wear a face mask at the key pick up.
  • Announce your arrival date and time at your housing provider (links above)
  • Changed travel plans or delays? Inform your housing provider (links above)
  • Key pick up is possible during specific hours. You might need to stay in a hostel or hotel at your own expenses if you arrive outside of these hours (at night or during the weekend).
Published by  Student Affairs 16 March 2022