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Are you going to study in the Netherlands? Under Dutch law every person who is planning to live in the Netherlands for more than four months must register with the municipality of the town where they live.

What if I have to self-quarantine?

Officially, you must register as soon as possible and within 5 days after your arrival in the Netherlands. The municipalities have made an exception for students who have to self-quarantine. You can register after the quarantine period. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we ask you not to go to the city office during your quarantine period or if you have any possible Covid-19 symptoms.


The registration at the municipal administration and the Personal Records Database (BRP) is also an application for the BSN (burgerservicenummer = citizen service number or CSN/TIN). This registration is mandatory for all students and this number is required for working, opening a Dutch bank account, for visiting a doctor or receiving hospital treatment in the Netherlands.

In most cases, you will receive your citizen service number directly at your appointment with the municipality.


Please check that you register at the correct municipality. You must register in the town where you will live.

To save time, you can already schedule an appointment before your arrival in the Netherlands. However, make sure that your actual appointment is after the start date of your rental contract, otherwise you will not receive your BSN immediately.


Officially, you must register as soon as possible and within 5 days after your arrival in the Netherlands. If you do not have a place to live yet, you cannot register anywhere unfortunately.

To register at the municipality of Amsterdam you need to make an appointment as soon as possible, as time slots fill up very fast.

You can choose between 3 city offices at 3 locations in Amsterdam. Make an appointment here .

You need to bring:

  • your valid passport (or European Union ID card)
  • a printed copy of the identity details pages (personal details & photo) of your passport or copy of your EU ID card
    If you have more than one nationality and more than one passport, you are required to bring all your passports.
  • a printed copy of your rental contract
  • Your student ID card or proof of enrollment at the AUAS

Please prepare all the printed documents carefully before you have your appointment.

No rental contract?

If you do not have a rental contract, because you stay in the house of a friend or relative, the landlord/primary occupant/home owner needs to fill out and sign a permission to register at address form. You need to bring this document as well to your appointment. this is for the municipality of Amsterdam only. For other municipalities, please check their procedure yourself.

Download the form for permission to register at someone else's address here.

Changing address within Amsterdam?

Notify the municipality on time if you change address .

If you are going to live at Rode Kruislaan (De Key) or OurCampus, you will have to register at the municipality of Diemen, a neighbouring town of Amsterdam.

You need to bring:

  • your passport (or European Union ID card)
  • a printed copy of your passport (or European ID card)
  • a printed copy of your rental contract (the pages with your full name and address)
  • students who require visa: your residence permit. If you did not receive this yet, please show proof of your residence permit application (‘Kennisgevingsbrief’ in the email from AUAS Immigration Affairs)
  • a printed copy of the completed registration form of the Municipality of Diemen (see link to pdf below).

Registration days Spring 2022:

You can choose to go to the municipality of Diemen on one of these specific dates between 13:30-16:00hrs:
Thursday 3 February
Friday 4 February
Tuesday 8 February
Thursday 10 February
Friday 11 February

If you arrive after February 11th 2022, you have to make an appointment by calling:

  • from abroad: 0031 20 3144888
  • In the Netherlands: 020 3144888

Because of strict coronavirus measures, the municipality allows a max. number of students to enter the building at the same time. If you arrive with more students at the same time, please wait outside for your appointment and keep your 1.5m distance.

Address municipality Diemen:

D.J. Den Hartoglaan 1
1111 ZB Diemen

Download the registration form for DIEMEN here

Check on the website of the specific municipality how to register and what documents you need to bring. You might be required to bring a birth certificate as well.

Published by  Student Affairs 17 January 2022