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Application procedure

Exchange students Fall 2022

After the approval of your application for an AUAS exchange programme, you will automatically receive an email inviting you to apply online for student housing.

When will the housing invitation arrive for the Fall semester 2022?

Wednesday 8 June 2022 8:00am (CEST)

When will the housing invitation arrive for the Spring semester 2023?

Beginning of November 2022 (exact date TBA)

Check your email for the invitation to apply for student housing for Fall 2022

Just before June 8th 2022, you will automatically receive an invitation email from myinfo@hva.nl with a link to start your housing application on June 8th 2022 in our housing portal and to pay the AUAS housing fee. This email will be sent to your AUAS email address or private email adress which you have provided in your exchange application. Please check both mail boxes and your spam boxes as well.

We recommend to add myinfo@hva.nl to your 'safe senders' list of your email account. myinfo@hva.nl is a 'no-reply' email address. if you have questions, please email housing@hva.nl.

Clicking on the link in the invitation email will take you to our online application form. The link will not work before the stated time and date!

Accessing the application form with your AUAS-ID

You should have received your AUAS-ID in a separate email. Please note: The AUAS-ID is not your student number but a 5 to 7 lettercode, sometimes a number is added. You need to activate your AUAS-ID first before you can access the housing application form. Please contact csa@hva.nl or housing@hva.nl if you have not received this. After activation of your AUAS-ID, you can also use your AUAS email address.

In the housing application form you will be asked to choose a monthly budget category. Base your choice on the information about budget categories, room types, other housing costs and the cost of living in Amsterdam.

Requesting a specific housing provider, location or building is unfortunately not possible.

Application deadlines

You need to apply as soon as possible (preferably on June 8th), as we work on a first come, first served basis.

Your chances of receiving a room offer will significantly decrease the longer you wait. Apply right away: there is no need to wait until your exchange or course enrolment has been finalised or your visa procedure approved. If you wait it might be too late to secure housing through the AUAS.

Once you have completed the housing form, you will automatically be sent to the online payment page. Follow the instructions for paying the AUAS housing fee. You can pay in euros by either a credit card or by PayPal. Other payment methods are unfortunately not possible.

After submitting your housing application and paying the AUAS housing fee, check your email to find out if you have been selected for student housing at one of our housing partners. You can expect a message from us within a few weeks, but not before the end of June 2022.

Once you have been selected (after the end of June), you will first receive a message from myinfo@hva.nl. After that, you will receive an offer from either booking platform ROOM.nl or one of our other housing providers (e.g. De Key), to book a room within a given time frame. Check your spam folder!

If you receive a room offer, follow the instructions to confirm.

Please note:

  • You will receive one offer of accommodation only. You cannot change the room or location offered.
  • We are unable to send a second offer if the first offer does not meet your expectations.
  • You will be given a very short time frame of a few days to book your room. Make sure you respond to the room offer immediately or as soon as you can! If you fail to respond by the given date, you may lose the room. The AUAS housing fee will not be refunded in this case.
  • Be aware that many students are booking a room at the same time. So the availability can decline rapidly, even in the given booking time frame.
  • You will only get one chance to reserve a room. If you miss this offer, we will not be able to send another offer. This means that you must look for accommodation on your own.

It can take several days to a few weeks before you will receive a room offer, as this process is quite extensive. Therefore, not all students will receive a room offer on the same day, nor will it necessarily be in the same order as students applied. This depends also on the chosen budget an other personal details (male/female, age, etc.). However, once you have received the offer, it is important to proceed with step 5 as soon as possible.

End dates summer 2022

We will try to give as many exchange students as possible an earlier end date than 12 or 15 August 2022, taking the AUAS academic calendar into consideration. When you have the option to choose between several rooms in the booking platform of the housing provider, make sure you choose an end date which suits the academic calendar of your study programme. If you are not sure of the end date of your study programme, please contact your international office. Unfortunately, some housing end dates will be before the official end of the semester when available rooms run out. If you get a room offer with an earlier end date (in June, instead of July or August), we recommend that you find a hostel for the remaining days of the semester. We understand that this is far from ideal, but at least you have secured housing for almost the entire semester.

After accepting your accommodation offer, your housing provider will inform you either by email or through your housing account about your tenancy agreement and further procedures. Sign and return your tenancy agreement according to the instructions given by the housing provider.

Your room reservation is confirmed once you make your first payment to the housing provider. Instructions for making this payment will be provided by the housing partner.

Payment method

The first rental payment always has to be done by credit card (Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard). The creditcard has to be valid for at least 1,5 years from now. Other payment methods are unfortunately not possible. Monthly payments can be done by bank transfer. You will receive payment instructions from your housing provider.

Be prepared: this initial payment can be a significant amount of money, as it will include administration costs, the first month's rent, and often a deposit.

Please note:

  • Room reservations are final. You cannot change rooms after you have made the reservation.
  • If you cancel a reserved room we will assume you are no longer interested in AUAS student housing. You will not be offered another room and the AUAS housing fee will unfortunately not be refunded.

What practical matters do you need to arrange upon arrival in Amsterdam? Check our Arrival website for information.

Upon arrival website

What happens if I don’t get a room offer?

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of rooms, we will inform you as soon as possible (end of June). There is a small chance you will be offered a room at a later date. However, we strongly recommend to start searching for accommodation on the private market immediately.

Available rooms will be offered to students on the waiting list, but not all applicants exercise their option to book their room or cancel their room. The room will then be offered to the next match on the waiting list. This means the waiting list remains open, so that rooms might become available again. We will keep you updated during summer.

How do I know where I am on the waiting list?

We can't give your exact place on it, as there are several factors:

  • Time on the waiting list
  • Budget category
  • 1 or 2 semester rental period
  • Gender (in shared accommodation)
  • Availability of rooms

What can I do while on the waiting list?

Keep looking, and if you find a place by yourself, contact housing@hva.nl immediately so we can remove you from the waiting list and refund the AUAS housing fee.

What if I decide to cancel my exchange at the AUAS?

If you cancel your exchange, don’t forget to also notify the housing office of your wish to cancel your housing request. This does not happen automatically and this way we can keep our waiting list up to date and make other students happy with your spot. Check our cancellation policy here.

Published by  Student Affairs 7 September 2022