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Upon departure

leaving your accommodation

We hope you had a great time in Amsterdam! When leaving the Netherlands or moving out of AUAS housing, you need to arrange a few important matters.

Room check out

Check your departure instructions with your housing provider. Please note that it might not be possible to hand in your room keys during weekends or during holidays.

End of rental contract

Unfortunately it is never possible to end your rental contract early. All contracts are semester contracts, ending after the Fall semester or in Summer. For example: If you leave before or during the Christmas break, you still need to pay for the month of January.

Refund of deposit

If you have paid a deposit at the start of your rental contract, this amount will be refunded after your rental contract ends, on the condition that you leave the room clean, tidy and undamaged. Your housing provider may need a processing time of your deposit refund of max. 90 days after the end of your lease. It is unfortunately not possible to skip the rental payment of the last month and to deduct this amount from your deposit. So you will always still have to pay for the last month (payment is due as usual at the end of the previous calendar month).

Leaving the Netherlands

Deregister with the municipality to avoid being taxed while you no longer live in The Netherlands.

Municipality of Amsterdam:

Send the municipality your deregistration request by post. Check their contact details here .
If you rent from De Key, you can deregister online on the De Key website (easier!). De Key will forward your deregistration to the municipality.

If you live in a different municipality (e.g. Diemen or Amstelveen), check with this municipality on how to deregister.

Moving to a different address in Amsterdam?

You need to notify the municipality of your relocation. Your BSN will stay the same. Please see this website .

Moving to a different municipality in the Netherlands?

You need to notify your new municipality of your relocation. Check with the municipality on how to register with them. Your BSN will stay the same.

If you do not deregister from the municipality, you risk getting taxed in your home country. Even if you have deregistered, tax letters can still be sent to your address in your home country.

Local taxes

Anyone living in Amsterdam with private facilities (bathroom, kitchen) is expected to pay local taxes for services such as rubbish collection (waste collection charge) and water treatment (water authority tax). These taxes are not included in your rent. The tax bill will be sent to you directly by the municipality of Amsterdam or the water authority. Because tax bills are sent once a year, you might receive it after your stay in Amsterdam has ended. Or you might not hear anything at all, if you are lucky.

Appealing local taxes

I did not receive a tax letter
Great! You do not need to take any action.

Did you receive a tax letter?
For some students it is possible to get exempted from the local taxes. You do not need to pay these taxes for example if your income is low. There are certain (financial) requirements you will need to meet.

Unfortunately, the housing team cannot assist you in these appeals, as these go beyond our knowledge and expertise. Please find the links below to ask for assistance directly at the specific authorities.

Appeal waste collection charge (afvalstoffenheffing)

Appeal water authority tax (Waternet - waterschapsbelasting)

The AUAS can unfortunately only provide housing for the first year of your study programme. We cannot offer another room. You will have to find alternative housing by yourself after the end date of your current rental contract.

As you probably know, it is very hard to find affordable housing in Amsterdam. Therefore we strongly recommend to register with Studentenwoningweb and ROOM , in case you have not done this already at the start of your stay. Both platforms work with a waiting list. The sooner you apply, the longer your waiting time (meaning: more chance of finding a new place). They offer affordable rooms with housing corporations such as DUWO and De Key.

You can find some other recommendations for finding housing independently here. Or join one of our housing webinars on this topic!

If you leave the Netherlands:

  • Close your Dutch bank account by notifying your bank. Recurring bank charges will be continued, if you do not close your account. Set your account balance to € 0,00 before closing the account.
  • Cancel your Dutch health insurance. Be sure to file your insurance claims before leaving and before cancelling your insurance.
  • Cancel any other insurances
  • Cancel your housing allowance (but be aware not to close your Dutch bank account too soon to receive your last allowance)
  • Hand in your residence permit (non-EU only)
  • If you have furniture, books or a bike which you would like to leave behind, you could try to sell them. For instance at the ISN Amsterdam Online Market or the social media group of your building.
  • Donate your clothes! There are green deposit boxes all over Amsterdam.

Published by  Student Affairs 19 May 2022