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Collect your student ID card

You will need your student ID card as means of identity for several AUAS services. You can also use it for student discounts outside the AUAS.

What do I need to prepare?

In order for AUAS to prepare your student ID card before 22 August, you need to upload your picture on myHvAcard before 15 August 2022.

Where can I collect my student ID card?

The student ID card will not be sent to international addresses. You can collect your student ID card at the Service Point or Customer Service Desk of your study programme. If you have changed your international address into your new Dutch address in Studielink before 15 August, the student ID card will be sent to your new Dutch address (not applicable to exchange students: your card will never be sent by post to you, you have to pick it up).

When can I collect my student ID card?

Student ID cards are available from Monday August 22 2022 and onwards, if you have uploaded your picture in time (max. one week before). If you upload your picture later than Monday 15 August 2022, your student ID card will be available later.

Published by  Student Affairs 10 August 2022