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Faculty of Sports and Nutrition (FSN)

Do you want to organise an event in the Dr. Meurer building? This page contains the request form, the dimensions/capacity per room and Dr. Meur building’ opening hours.

Coronavirus measures regarding events

Space in our building is limited due to the coronavirus measures, and providing education is our number one priority. AUAS currently lacks experience with managing the traffic flow of large numbers of staff and students and is still learning whether this traffic follows the new routing, and how, and how many people are actually present every day compared to the projected numbers.

From the start of the academic year, no events will therefor be permitted for block 1. We will keep you updated about the possibilities in block 2 on this page.

You must include the supervising teacher in the Cc to your e-mail/event request so that he or she can approve the organisation of the event and any additional costs.

Requesting an event

  • Send a completed request form to Monique van der Laan, Head of the FSN Education Office (Onderwijsbureau BSV). She will check whether the event is logistically possible before notifying you of the outcome.
  • The completed request form is used to consider internally whether additional support is required from Facilty Services (FS) for cleaning, security and company emergency response officers etc.
  • The FSN Education Office will pass on any additional costs incurred by FS to the cost centre of the study programme in question.
  • Do you want to know the availability of a room for the next quarter? Please contact Joyce Velthuis.
  • Check the opening hours of the Dr. Meurer building.
  • The Service Desk colleagues have an advisory rol regarding events.
  • On page 3 of the event form you will find all the available attributes in the Dr. Meurer building. Such as folding chairs, tables, podium parts, protective floors etcetera.

What can be arranged via the request form?

  • Room booking requests
  • Items such as chairs, wardrobe rails, podium parts etc.
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Company emergency response officers

What are you required to arrange yourself?

  • Catering through Cormet. In the Dr. Meurerhuis, catering can only be provided in: the restaurant on the ground floor (max. 275 people). Please see the event form for further information about catering.
  • If you want to reorganise the restaurant of the Dr. Meurer building, you need to contact the location manager of Cormet (Audrey Dwars) and building management.
  • Audiovisual equipment. Our audiovisual equipement specialist at the Service Desk on the first floor lends out equipment, gives advice and offers support. Please request the equipment at least 5 working days before the event.
  • Set-up and take-down of the room. When booking your event, make sure that you factor in enough time to set up and take down the event and for the cleaners to clean the room (both before and after the event).
  • For the set-up and take-down of the event you can hire students from Studijob. The service desk of our building will send you a standard email, which you need to forward to Studijob. Please put the service desk (service-dmh@hva.nl) in the cc of your email to Studijob.
  • As the organiser of the event you are responsible for directing the Studijob students.
  • If you organise an event partially outside, then you need a municipal permit. Take in consideration the time it requires to get this municipal permit.

Specifications rooms

  • In the overview below you will find the dimensions/capacity of the rooms in the Dr. Meurer building.
  • The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 540 people without furniture and 275 with furniture.
  • The lounge in front of the shop has a maximum capacity of 75 people without furniture and 44 with furniture.
  • Download dimensions podium parts.

Room no.


Length (approx.)

Width (approx.)



B.02 0 24 m 14 m 336 m2 max. 170 pers.
A0.86 1 24 m 14 m 336 m2 max. 170 pers.
A0.82 2 24 m 14 m 336 m2 max. 170 pers.
A0.78 3 24 m 14 m 336 m2 max. 300 pers.
A0.68 4 30 m 22 m 660 m2

max. 400 pers on GF
max. 60 pers. on tribune

A0.58 Auditorium max. 180 pers.
B0.06 Auditorium max. 120 pers.
B0.08 Auditorium max. 70 pers.
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 17 September 2020