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Sports Physicians Group

The Sports Physicians Group (DSG) provides sports medical support at the Dr. Meurer building.

Prospective students are assessed at one of our sites, usually the OLVG west Hospital. Consultations are offered during term time in the medical area, room A0.66, on the ground floor next to the Dojo. A list showing the consultation hours is displayed next to the door to the medical area.

There's also a drop-in consultation service at the St Lucas Andreas Hospital, in the sports medicine department, which you can find by following route 11. Contact the Sports Physicians Group for the exact day and hour of this drop-in consultation.

You are advised to make use of this consultation hour if you have any medical problems. You will be able to see a sports physician associated with the Sports Physicians Group. These doctors are highly experienced in treating sports injuries and other sport-related medical problems. They are also fully aware of the demands the Sport Studies -track ISMB programme place on students. Personalised advice can often solve a problem. If necessary you can be referred for further tests or treatment by a physiotherapist or medical specialist.


Telephone: 0900-9879 (Monday to Friday, 9.00–17.00)
Outside of these hours you can leave a message, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours (on a weekday).
Email: info@desportartsengroep.nl (you will be emailed or called back within 24 hours on a weekday)

Physical therapy

Sport Studies - track ISMB and the ALO both work with physical therapists of ManualFysion. The sports physicians also refer to this practise. ManualFysion is situated in Club West (right next to the Dr. Meurer building).

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 31 August 2020