Information screens

Information screens are available at all locations of the AUAS to keep employees and students informed.

Technical management

The information screens are managed by the Audio-visual Unit of FS. They provide technical support and take care of the maintenance of the screens. Technical failure can be reported via email to or by phone to 020 - 595 1403.

Content management

The content on the information screens is posted by various contacts on location – the content managers. Applications to post messages on an information screen should be addressed to the content manager of the screen at the relevant location. The content managers can also answer content-related questions.

Contact details

Contact details can be found in the Information screen contact list (PDF in Dutch). The type and file format the information must be in is also specified.

Submitting Video Files

The Instructions for submitting video files (PDF) explains how to submit video files to the content managers for the information screens.

10 October 2022