Determination of institutional tuition fees

Since 2010, students who already hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree and subsequently enrol in a second Bachelor's or Master's degree programme no longer pay the statutory tuition fees but instead the institutional tuition fees as set out in Section 7.46 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW).

The Executive Board determines the level of these institutional tuition fees, which can vary depending on the degree programme or group of students. Institutional tuition fees are not permitted to be lower than the statutory tuition fee rate.

Guiding principles

Students who do not meet the conditions for the statutory tuition fee rate by definition also do not meet the criteria for funding. This means that the AUAS does not receive a government grant for the enrolment or graduation of these students. This is a key consideration in determining the institutional tuition fee rate.

In fixing the level of this rate, the AUAS makes no distinction between funded degree programmes: there is only one amount, which is determined on the basis of the principles of simplicity, accessibility and the costs to be covered.

Opinion of the Representative Advisory Council

When adjusting the institutional tuition fees, the Executive Board requests the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) to give its approval before fixing the fees for the new academic year.

Published by  Administration Centre 28 February 2017