I wish to grant the AUAS authorisation to collect the tuition fees in full or in instalments

You can pay your tuition fees by granting the AUAS a direct debit authorisation. You can authorise full payment or payment in instalments. You can arrange the authorisation yourself or have a third party do it on your behalf.

Authorisation instructions

You can arrange the authorisation from 18 May digitally via Studielink.

The first instalment will be withdrawn from your bank account on 27 September. If you pay in 10 instalments, the one-off administrative fee of 24 euro will be deducted then as well. For all the direct debit dates, check Direct debits.

What to do if authorisation via Studielink is not possible

If authorisation cannot be arranged via Studielink but you still wish to use this payment method, please contact the Central Student Administration via the Digital Service Point or call 020 - 595 1401 between 08:30 and 17:30.

Published by  Administration Centre 6 April 2022