AUAS Student Counselling Office privacy statement

One of the core tasks of student counsellors is to advise students dealing with personal circumstances. Such a personal circumstance can be a disability, a chronic illness or a particular family situation.

Any information you share with the student counsellor will be treated as confidential according to the guidelines of the new privacy law (the General Data Protection Regulation) and the AUAS's guidelines.

We explain below how this information is recorded.

We collect information required for making agreements. If you contact us, we also record the content of the oral or written communication in a secured digital system. If your communication with us relates to a personal problem, such as an illness or disability, we may ask you to provide evidence. In the case of family circumstances, any evidence will often concern a family member.

We need this information to help you with your academic progress.

For example, we offer individual advice and guidance.
The contact reports created in our digital system allow us to consult previous conversations and correspondence with you when needed, monitor your progress and advise you during the course of your studies.

We also use your information to advise third parties on any facilities you may require. Documentary evidence will be required to establish personal circumstances in order to then make recommendations on any necessary facilities. The facilities we are referring to are as follows:

  • Financial support (financial assistance, the AUAS Profiling Fund, funds, tuition fees);
  • Test facilities;
  • Binding study advice:
  • Educational adaptations;
  • Provisions with respect to the Modern Migration Policy Act (‘MoMi’).

We assess which information is necessary and warrants retention for the purpose of providing sound advice. If you would prefer that we do not retain documentary evidence of a personal nature, we will consult with you in finding a suitable solution.

The information is saved in a secured system. Only AUAS student counsellors and the secretariat of the Student Counselling Office may view your file. Furthermore, ICT staff can access your file when performing technical maintenance. We will not share this information with other parties unless you expressly request us to do so.

The information we need to make agreements with you are not retained any longer than two years.

We will retain other information for as long as you are enrolled and will destroy it two years after your graduation or five years after you leave the institution without a degree certificate. We do not strictly adhere to the new guidelines of the 'Selection list for the administrative reflection of the public authority tasks and non-public legal work processes of Dutch universities of applied sciences’. This is in order for us to be able to continue to support facilities on your behalf at the Education Executive Agency (DUO) even long after the termination of your enrolment.

See MyAUAS, A-Z, Privacy.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement of the AUAS Student Counselling Office, please send an email to

Published by  Student Affairs 17 March 2021