Best places ever in Amsterdam!

Posted at: 7 Nov 2017

If you are planning to go to Amsterdam but you are not going to these places, you will miss a little part of Amsterdam .. how heartbreaking.

Albert Cuyp market

The Red Light District, the canals, the windmills and the tulips... these are a few elements Amsterdam is known for but what can you actually do in Amsterdam? What other things can you experience in this small but lively city? As a matter of fact, in this beautiful city, you can visit a lot of amazing places, but you can also travel to other beautiful cities in the Netherlands such as Giethoorn.

However, in this post, I am going to present the most interesting places to visit in Amsterdam, according to me.

If you like museums, Amsterdam is clearly for you. I have never seen so many options than here! From the Van Gogh museum to Anne Frank house - which are the most classic and famous ones - passing by the Sex museum (hehe, yes, you can really find any type here).

Further, another really famous place is the A’DAM Toren where you go to the rooftop of one of the biggest towers in Amsterdam. There, you can enjoy a gorgeous view. You can eat there aswell but it is reaaalllyy expensive. Otherwise, you can just go and do the swing - if you dare! - and so get an even better view of the city with crazy thrills. More information about the hours, activities and prices can be found in

Furthermore, Amsterdam also has beautiful Street markets such as the Albert Cuyp market, one of the biggest, most famous and prettiest ones. There, you can buy things from all over the world, from many different cultures. Also, a nice fact is that the typical things there are much cheaper than in local stores. Further, you can find food such as cheese, stroopwafels and typical dishes and you can eat some excellent fish dishes as well. If you love fish as much as I do, you definitely need to try it there! In their website you can find a little bit of their history and what you can find there, I recommend you watch it before going!

The last place I would like to mention is a hidden gem and is my favorite spot. It is a restaurant in the center of Amsterdam called De Vergulden Eenhoorn. It is a really nice place and one of the only peaceful places in Amsterdam (and believe me, you will need a place like this once in a while!). In this unpronounceable place, you can enjoy a great atmosphere with an ‘old world’ feeling. The cuisine is excellent and is mainly Dutch, European and Vegetarian Friendly. I ate a brunch of smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, green asparagus and it was fabulous! Despite the website is in Dutch, you can find the menu, some photos and you can call for a reservation which a personally recommend.

So, if you are planning to come, please, do visit some of these places and try to find some hidden gems as there are a lot of them here in Amsterdam.

Swing on rooftop of A’DAM Toren

Restaurant in the center of Amsterdam De Vergulden Eenhoorn

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