Did we come to study?

Posted at: 9 Dec 2017

Assignments everywhere!! Every homework is in group, mostly composed of 4 mates. If you aren´t used for this, believe me that you will, or you will!

I dislike this group projects because the groups are always composed by the one that does nothing, the one that does everything wrong, the pessimistic and the one that does most of the work. My advice is to make sure that you choose good partners, if not, you just know which is going to be your role…

The assignments in general (in group or not) are much more practical than theoretical and I’m starting to like this way because with these projects you are also studying the subject in a more dynamic way.

Another different thing that I’ve seen is the final mark, this mark consists of a percentage of each work and an exam evaluated at the end of the semester. A great example is my Strategic Market Management course in which the final grade is composed of a final exam which is the 60% of the grade, a presentation which is the 10% of the final grade and of course a group project which is the remaining 30% of the grade. Also, there are some subjects that they don´t even have exams, that´s amazing!! On the other hand, in Argentina is totally different because you have one final exam that´s going to be your final grade.

The participation in class is another great factor as well, my simple recommendation is always say something and participate, if not, it means that you won’t know about the subject. So, try to say as much as you can so the teacher will have a good impression about you and he or she will notice all the effort you put in the subject.

Lastly is the feedback that the professor does to your assignments, this might be a little bit direct at the beginning but then you get used to it because you realize that it´s not personal and it´s really good because I’m sure that you are going to understand him.

Funny fact: The funniest feedback I heard happened to a friend that the professor told him that the first part it was actually very good but the second one seems to be written by a baby.

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