Goodbye my love,

Posted at: 19 Jan 2018

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end ..

Your devoted Student Ambassadors team

To my Erasmus, to Amsterdam, ..

Thanks for the adventures that made great pictures on my walls and that now color my dreams.
Thanks for the endless laughters that kept me from breathing and made my belly painful.
Thanks for the people I have learned to know and appreciate and those who became friends forever.
Thanks for the delicious and sometimes original food that I have discovered and shared with my friends.
Thanks for the parties that made my head dizzy and my feet painful.
Thanks for the surprisingly warm, cold, windy, snowy and windy weather that gave 100 different dresses to the city.

Thanks for all of what I learned at university, the new ways of working and thinking about new issues. Thanks for the opportunity to discover new subjects that I would not have learn at home otherwise. Thanks for the amazingly modern facilities of the different universities where we spent so many hours. Thanks also for all these projects that I had to realize - in group or alone - because it made me develop a new set of skills. Thanks, too, to my professors who were always ready to listen to us and take into account what we had to say.

Thanks for making me re-discover this amazing city and its 1001 wonders.
Thanks for the always great atmosphere in the city that is never truly sleeping, where something is always happening.
Thanks for making it so good that I consider it to be my home for a few months.
Thanks for making me realize, once again, how lucky I am to be able to travel, discover new places, new cultures, new people, new languages, new dishes, new musics and so much more ..
Thanks for not making everything too easy as well so as to prove me that I can overcome issues, show my strength, find new solutions and ways out and become even better.
Thanks for all the wonderful memories that I will cherish forever and probably annoy my children with.

.. and thanks for the experience, the trainings, workshops and good atmosphere of the Student Ambassador Programme !

We - the Event team, Video team and Blog team - warmly recommend it to future exchange students.
We are glad to have learned, during those few months, tips and tricks to be able to help future Erasmus students that still have questions, worries or questionings about the experience ahead.

Also, we are glad to now be Ambassador of the Programme and so to be able to present it the best we can so as to make one wants to join our large Erasmus students community ..!

This is not a farewell, only a goodbye,

I will come back for you,

With love,

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