Taste a piece of Dutch!

Posted at: 22 Dec 2017

Food? Source of energy and nutrients? It’s more than that! Food is a part of any culture and when you live in different country as an exchange student, you definitely have to try local food. Here I tell you a couple of my favourite dishes of Dutch cuisine. And don’t worry they all are suitable for a student’s budget!

Herring is enjoyed with shredded onion

First of all – Dutch speciality – raw herring! This can be quite extreme to some of you, but you ever know, if you never try… Dutch love eating herring and there are special stores where you can buy herring everywhere around the city. I actually didn’t like it but I wanted to mention it here because I am normally very afraid of trying new seafood dishes and that’s why after trying herring I am super proud of myself!

From these automats you can buy croquettes and also other fast food

While you are exploring your new home city, you might get hungry and want to have a quick lunch or a snack. Croquettes are your solution then! These very delicious (and my favourite ones) pieces of Dutch cuisine you can buy from an automat everywhere in the city. There are different variations such as beef, cheese and fish and their price are approximately two euro, so they are made for students’ wallets!

Stroopwafel – Dutch delicacy!

The next dish is this sweet waffle with the caramel-like syrup filling – stroopwafel! As all other mentioned dishes, these you can also find in every shop. In Amsterdam, there are also stores where you can buy just made stroopwafels. My opinion is… the fresher the better!

Enjoy your Apple Tart with whipped cream

Before I came to Amsterdam, I always ate French fries with ketchup or without anything. There weren’t even any other options but here I have learned to eat them as the local way – with mayonnaise. This isn’t anything super different, but I think when I will go back to home, I’ll present this habit to my friends and family, because fries are so much better with the mayo than the ketchup!

Last but not the least – Dutch Apple Tart! This very tasty and sweet pie has a cookie type crust and simply filling made apples with sugar and cinnamon. When you add some whipped cream on top of it and enjoy it with your new friends, the recipe of perfect afternoon in Amsterdam is made!

Are you now hungry and want to eat something sweet and delicious? I am definitely!

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