Welcome to the AUAS!

Posted at: 3 Nov 2017

While studying in the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, you can enjoy four different campuses and atmosphere there. In this post, you will hopefully feel what it’s like to study in AUAS and what different facilities can offer you!

Amstel Campus is the largest of four campuses with eight AUAS buildings. Its location is also the closest to city centre.

Because I am studying in the Faculty of Sport and Nutrition which is located in Sport Campus, I’ll tell you more about how the atmosphere is there. In the pictures, you can also see the facilities of other campuses.

All my classes are located in the same building and the building isn’t very big. So it’s not so easy to get lost there. The atmosphere is very sporty because both Sportcentrum Ookmeer and USC Club West are located in the Campus. It offers you very good sport facilities and the best part is that you don’t need to study there, to enjoy these sport opportunities!

Because I prefer peaceful and silent environment, the location of Sport Campus is the best for me. It takes only 30 minutes to get here by bike from a city centre (and only 10 minutes from my place) so it isn’t so far away. The Campus is located near Sloterpark and I think this is a very good thing, because being close to nature reminds me from my home and I feel cosy while studying there.

I hope that this quick overview of AUAS buildings outside and inside gave you an impression what it is like to study here. Stay tuned, more information being an exchange student in Amsterdam will follow!

All four campuses offers rooms where you can study in a hard-working and a concentrated atmosphere. In this picture you can see one of the study rooms of Business Campus.

Sport Campus offers good sport facilities and what motivates you better to studying than a healthy lifestyle!

In the canteens you can buy your lunch and enjoy your meal between classes and lectures with your new international and Dutch classmates

Studying in AUAS makes you part of the city of Amsterdam. Especially in Amstel Campus you can feel the heartbeat of city

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