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Surveys (Qualtrics)

Do you want to set up an online survey for your research?

With Qualtrics survey software it is relatively easy to design and conduct online surveys. This software is available for all students and employees of the AUAS.

Qualtrics is suitable for building and conducting both simple and complex surveys. You have various options regarding the structure and the type of questions. The results are neatly presented and can easily be exported to Excel or SPSS.

This is how you login

Login to Qualtrics with your AUAS-ID via this link:

AUAS template

Qualtrics has a modern and clear (English) user interface, which makes working with Qualtrics very intuitive and easy. An AUAS template is available in Dutch and English. Without a template, Qualtrics is suitable for surveys in all languages.

Instructional video's

Qualtrics has an extensive support environment. By means of instructional videos you go through the different steps when drawing up, disabling or analyzing a survey.

Would you like to contact the Qualtrics support center?

  1. Go to the support center via this link.
  2. Click on 'Sign in with SSO
  3. Organization ID: hva

Working safely with personal data in Qualtrics

Privacy is a fundamental right. Before conducting a survey, think about how you deal with the privacy of your respondents. The following rules of thumb are important if you work with personal data in Qualtrics:

  • Start a survey with the consent form.
  • Only store information that is strictly necessary for your survey.
  • Pseudonymize (mandatory) or anonymize (if possible) your data.
  • Do not use email triggers that automatically forward responses to an alternate email address.
  • When you survey is concluded: remove the collected data from Qualtrics.

Want to know more about privacy? Click on this link that will take you directly to the A-Z privacy page.

Published by  ICT Services 11 November 2020