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Keep the windows closed for fresh and clean air

When the weather is nice outside, you often feel the urge to open the windows for some fresh air and a nice breeze. However, at many AUAS locations, this  doesn’t work. We have climate systems for that. These systems produce fresh and clean air, and they only work with the windows closed.

How does a climate system work?

The rooms in our buildings are heated or cooled to the desired temperature. This often happens at fixed times. If it is warmer outside than inside, opening the windows has a negative effect. More warm air will enter, making it warmer inside instead of cooler. The climate system then has to work harder to get everything back to the right temperature. This is not only wasteful in terms of energy but also inconvenient because someone else in the room or building can get warmer while you enjoy your refreshing breeze by the window.

How clean is fresh air?

Our buildings are often located on busy roads where the outside air is not always clean. The climate system filters the polluted air from the environment. By opening a window, polluted air instead of clean air will come in.

Different buildings

Each building has its own climate system. In some older buildings, the climate system does not yet work optimally. Work is being done to improve this. At Benno Premselahuis (BPH) and Dr. Meurerhuis (DMH), we know that the climate systems work well and can purify the air and maintain the temperature. At Benno Premselahuis (BPH), we are even working on a new and smarter system (Eco Building). This system ensures a pleasant temperature in the building by pre-cooling on warm days or pre-heating on cold days. A system that proactively 'thinks along'.

Help save energy, keep the windows closed

On the windows of Benno Premselahuis (BPH) and Dr. Meurerhuis (DMH), you will soon find stickers indicating that you should keep the window closed. Together, we can save energy and create a more pleasant indoor climate for everyone. Thank you in advance!


If you have any questions about the climate system at your location based on this information, please let us know via the Service Desk of Facility Services or use this form if you want to report something about it.

Published by  Facility Services 25 June 2024