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At the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), you can print, copy and scan documents at any location. You can send documents to, and print from, any nearby printer with ‘The New Style of Printing’.

Desktop printers

Black & white and colour printers are available in small office settings (up to 60 employees). The desktop printers will be phased out. This applies exclusively to laser printers provided by the supplier.

Request printers

Budget holders or facilities services contact staff can submit requests for ‘Follow Me’ printers and desktop printers to the ICTS Service Desk using the ‘Application for printers’ form.

The New Style of Printing with ‘Follow Me’ principle

The New Style of Printing (HNP) relies on the ‘Follow Me’ principle, enabling you to print from any multifunctional printer within the AUAS. Due to sustainability considerations, this facility has been programmed with a standard setting of black & white and two-sided A4. When sending a print job to the printer, you can change the settings to colour or single-side only if you choose. The print job will remain available for a maximum of 12 hours, after which it will be deleted.

For more information and user manuals, see the Canon Shops or Quick Service Points at the location, or visit the supplier’s website .

Rates and method of payment

Type of printer

Rate (inc. VAT)

Method of payment

Desktop printer, black & white or colour, A4

€0.043 per page for employees (black & white)

€0.40 per page (colour)

To be settled based on actual costs incurred

HNP Printer suitable for Follow Me printing: employees

€0.035 per page, black & white

€0.14 employee rate (colour)

Free scanning
€5 subscription fee per employee per cost centre

To be settled based on actual costs incurred.

HNP Printer suitable for Follow Me printing: students

€0.05 for regular print or copy
€0.20 for colour print or copy on standard A4-format paper

Free scanning

To be settled with account


All rates specified include VAT. There will be a subscription fee of €5 per employee per month for using HNP. This fee includes compensation for the service, maintenance of the registration system, and other costs. The subscription goes into effect from the moment the employee uses HNP for the first time.

22 March 2022