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Company Emergency Response

What does a Company Emergency Response officer do?

A Company Emergency Response (CER) officer is a staff member who provides assistance when unsafe situations arise within the company. A CER officer has been trained to:

  • provide first aid
  • contain and fight fire as soon as it breaks out
  • evacuate the building if necessary
  • raise the alarm and communicate with co-workers and/or emergency services

Apart from CER officers, the Company Emergency Response team is made up of first aiders, CER team leaders and specialised CER officers such as breathing apparatus operators.

Do you want to be a CER officer or a first aider?

Prospective CER officers and first aiders can be signed up by CER heads, coordinators or contact persons via bhv-hva@hva.nl.

Upon request, external users of UvA facilities can also take the first aid or CER courses offered by the AUAS. Prices can be requested from bhv-hva@hva.nl.

CER advice on events

Requests for advice about the correct involvement of CER officers in special or higher-risk events can be sent to the Facility Services department through the web form ‘Applying for facility support for an event/activity’, see Event coordination. An adequate CER presence remains the responsibility of the event organiser.

23 November 2017