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Wireless internet (Wifi)

HvA staff, HvA students or visitors from other universities staff can access the wireless networks ‘hva’ or ‘eduroam’. Visitors can also temporarily access the wireless network.

Getting connected

Make sure you have the right settings so you can safely use the wireless network. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Do you have an internet connection? If yes, go to step 2. If not, perform the next steps at home while connected to your home network or use an 'eduroam visitor account'.
  2. Go to https://wifiportal.hva.nl
  3. Read the page carefully and follow the instructions step by step.
  4. Enter (when prompted) your AUAS ID followed by @hva.nl, check that your operating system is correct and then click 'JoinNow'.
  5. The correct settings will be downloaded. Here you will be asked for the password of your AUAS ID.

You can now connect to the wireless network 'hva' and/or 'eduroam'.

Download issue in Android

You may experience problems connecting to an Android device. On this Android instruction page you will find solutions broken down by version.

After installing the software

After installing the software, you can access the wireless network of the HvA at several locations by selecting the ‘hva’ or ‘eduroam’ network. Log in using your AUAS ID. And always add ‘@hva.nl’ to your AUAS ID (this is not your email address). The wireless network ‘hva’ can only be used by devices with a 5GHz WLAN Wi-Fi card.

ICT Code of Conduct

HvA Wireless users must observe the ICT Code of Conduct.

Contact Servicedesk ICT Services

T: 020 595 1402

Published by  ICT Services 23 August 2023