A-Z Students Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Flexible Program AMFI

The second half of the AMFI study programme consists of a flexible programme. You choose a specialisation, a minor, an internship and a graduation project.

The Flexible Programme consists of the following components:

Minor or Exchange

Minors provide greater breadth to your AMFI studies. Although not linked to particular courses, an intake interview may be required depending on your own course. An exchange programme may be followed instead of a minor.


Specialisations are designed to give greater depth to AMFI courses. You therefore select a specialisation from those offered by your own course. In the document library on the right side in category general you will find the overview of all the specialisations offered during each semester.


In the third year you do a full-time internship of 20 weeks. Internships are arranged with reference to your professional ambitions. They enable the further development and evaluation of acquired skills within a professional environment.

Graduation Project

The graduation project allows you to showcase your talent and functions as a stepping stone to the professional arena.