Entrepeneurship scheme

Are you both a student and an entrepreneur? The AUAS offers an Entrepreneurship Scheme to students who run their own business.

Students qualify for the Entrepreneurship Scheme by meeting the following criteria:

  1. You are a student in the main phase of your study.
  2. You have successfully finished your propaedeutic year and are enrolled as a student at the AUAS.
  3. Your company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  4. You have (partial) ownership of the company.
  5. The company is scalable and has a scalable business model and substantial economic activity.

The entrepreneurship scheme offers students the following:

  • Adaptable study programmes;
  • Flexible exam possibilities;
  • Guidelines for graduation projects conducted within your own company.

The complete Entrepreneurship Scheme, including additional criteria and information about what the AUAS offers students who have their own businesses is available via the link below. International students should also review the AZ information on Working in the Netherlands.

Published by  Education and Research 11 March 2021