Available AV resources

The available rooms in the AUAS buildings are equipped with AV resources. Not all AV equipment is available in all rooms. Please indicate when booking if you require customization.

You can request the AV resources below

  • beamer
  • DVD (CD)-speler
  • presenter / laser pointer
  • microphones lapel / handheld / wired
  • microphone stand (standing and table)
  • projection screen
  • screens (LCD, mobile)
  • SD camera en tripod
  • SD card reader
  • speaker en speaker set voor laptops
  • extension cord / reel
  • adapters (various)
  • voice recorder
  • webcams

Fixed DIY recording sets

These sets allows you to record knowledge clips and lectures. There is a fixed desktop recorder with a camera, lamp en microphone. With the Mediasite Desktop Recorder application you can make your own recordings (Do It Yourself). See the Mediasite Desktop Recorder manual below for the procedure. In the lecture halls, this set can be booked via the timetable, in the faculties' rooms this can be requested via your own faculty.

Loan sets AV

Cases with individual loan sets are available at the service points/desks on location. These are AV sets with a camera that can be used for hybride or online education. Use the Teams application with these set.
There are two types of sets, one with a 360 degree camera (this one is called: AV set 360 webcam – faculty) and sets with a regular webcam (this one is called: AV set webcam - faculty).
Each faculty has a number of sets with faculty designation that you can choose for the faculty to which you are attached. You can apply via the forms. See the manuals below for the procedures.
In case of malfunctions or if you need the AV service to start up, please call the Servicedesk FS on 020 595 1403.

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Published by  Facility Services 22 March 2022