As soon as you are enrolled at the HvA, you can use a HvA email address in Microsoft 365 ( or This email address will be created for you automatically.

Access your email through Outlook on the web or the Outlook application on your laptop or mobile phone.

Your username is the same as your email address and your password is the same as the password for your AUAS-ID. To be able to log in, you must set up a two-step verification process the first time you use the HvA email address. Read here how to set up two-step verification.

Email as an official communication channel

The HvA considers email to be an official communication channel. We therefore advise you to check your HvA mailbox or private email address regularly. Otherwise you will miss out on all kinds of relevant information about your degree programme.

Please note:

If you use Hotmail, Live Mail or MSN Mail as your private email address, there is a risk that emails sent to you by the HvA will end up in your junk email folder. Check this folder regularly and add the HvA as a trusted sender.

Automatic forwarding

The emails you receive in your HvA mailbox are automatically forwarded to the private email address you entered in Studielink. You can disable this automatic forwarding (and we also recommend that, because forwarding sometimes gives error messages). This is explained under 'Disabling automatic forwarding' on this page.


For support, please contact the Service Desk ICTS:

T: +31 (020) 595 1402, Mon. to Fri. 8:00 - 18:00 hours

Published by  ICT Services 13 September 2023