Collaborate on MijnHvA

You will be able to use the digital learning platform ´MijnHvA´ to collaborate with others using a teamsite. You can either use a teamsite within your programme’s ´MijnHvA´ or create one yourself via Depending on the access privileges that you have been given, you will be able to read, contribute or manage a site. If you are the site administrator, you will be able to decide what happens on the site and whom to give which privileges.

What features does a teamsite offer?

  • participate in discussions via a discussion list;
  • keep a joint calendar;
  • keep a to-do list;
  • share documents;
  • participate in collaborative blogging;
  • bundle knowledge in a wiki;
  • create and update project schedules;
  • create a knowledge database;
  • simultaneously edit documents with multiple users;
  • post announcements and messages.

How do I create a teamsite?

Please visit . For more information, consult the FAQ .

Key points

  • you will also be able to give people outside AUAS access to a teamsite.
  • teamsites are temporary. They have a lifespan of six months, with the option to extend them for six-month periods at a time;
  • you can create up to five teamsites;
  • each teamsite can store up to 250 MB of data;
  • you are the administrator of a teamsite; you decide what happens on the site and what privileges to grant other users.
Published by  ICT Services 21 November 2023